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Celestial Self Reading

  • Celestial Self Reading

This in-depth analysis tells you everything you need to know to enrich the relationship you have with the most important person in your life- you.
Self-knowledge is key living the life you are meant to live.

Instead of wondering and wandering around for years, trying to find your purpose, a look at your Astrological Soul Story can get you aligned with your Authentic Self. The tools to follow that track and reach your unique version of a Dream Life are just one story away.

This astrology report will look at your natal chart to "read" your story. It is divided into three sections, Self Story, Character Descriptions and Modern RX.

Self Story
This first section tells the individual story of each planet in your natal chart, and how they relate to one another. This portion of the reading gives you insight to the different voices or desires that fight in our heads and hearts. See which planets get along, and which ones don't, which planets can compromise with each other and which planets have to just agree to disagree.

Character Descriptions
Important character strengths and flaws of each planet are analyzed in the Character Description. This part can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster to read, since we all love reading about our strengths, but maybe not so much our weaknesses. Don't despair, I won't leave you in a lurch, the next section tells you what you can do about it all.

Modern RX
This section lists rituals, remedies and other suggestions to help you empower your strong planets and balance your others. This is the most fun part, because you get to take what you've learned and actually put it into action! Your unique report will contain suggestions such as recipes, journal prompts, meditations, lists of activities, festivities and more.

This revolutionary style of reading your natal chart is not found anywhere else.

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